Client Comments - Thank You


Bryan - I got them and they look great! Thanks so much for helping me make our anniversary special :)

Rina - Oh my goodness!! These are beautiful!

Lucas - Please see the attached image for my attempt to present your AMAZING leather roses!  I received them this morning, and you undoubtedly exceeded any and all expectations I had with this purchase.  The colors are perfect, and it is truly astonishing how much they look like real roses!  My wife is going to love them.  Thank you so much for helping make my 3rd Wedding Anniversary so special.

Chad - Thank you Dee, they turned out pretty awesome and my wife really liked them!

Michael from Florida - My package just arrived and I wanted to say thank you!  The roses are beautiful and I know my wife will absolutely love them.  Pink roses are her favorite and these will last a lifetime.  Thanks again and I will definitely spread the word about your wonderful craftsmanship.

Russel - Your rose arrived today, it is quite beautiful.  Good job on the workmanship, can't wait to give it to my girlfriend.

Alex V. - You are absolutely great at what you do, they are beautiful and my wife will love them. I am extremely appreciative that you sent the two just to make sure that she would get the color she would like. Thank you so very much.

Larry- My wife absolutely loved your roses, thank you so much!!

Joshua from North Dakota (Ordered three violet)  I received the flowers I ordered and I just wanted to let you know that they are absolutely awesome.  Thank you so much! 

Alex H. - Thank you so much. I received the roses today and they are wonderful. I know my wife is going to love them. Thank you again for your hard work.

Edwin - Thank you  for the Happy Anniversary wishes. I plan on putting the roses in a crystal vase and then I'll have a traditional and modern theme for my gift to her. I've looked at many leather rose sites and yours are absolutely the most beautiful. I want to thank you SO MUCH for all your help and patience with me. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Brian from North Carolina - Thank you SO MUCH.  I ordered three violet leather roses to celebrate our third wedding anniversary.  I could not be happier with the result.  They came out even better than I had imagined.  I will be definitely be recommending your company to my friends and family.  Thank you again.

Joshua - I received the flowers I ordered, and I just wanted to let you know that they are awesome! Thank you so much!

Pamela from Georgia - (Ordered three red and three white) Thank you so much. I delayed in telling you how excited and thrilled I was when I opened the box until I was able to also see their reactions. Job well done!

Vanessa - Oh my goodness! These are absolutely gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dally from Texas ordered three yellow roses - They turned out beautiful!  Thank you so much!  

Frank from North Carolina - Got them today. They look amazing! Thanks!

Corey - I just wanted to let you know I received the rose and it looks amazing. Thank you so much.

George from Oregon -  The roses came today they are absolutely beautiful.  Thank you very much. 

Brian from Connecticut  - The roses arrived today and my wife loved them.  They were such a big hit!  We both thought they were beautiful and amazing.  You do such an incredible job!  Thank you for the pink rose for my daughter.  That was so kind and thoughtful of to include that for our daughter, Aubrey Rose. 

Judy from Tandy Leather in Tulsa OK - What a beautiful surprise.  I love the orange roses.  I will show them to everyone and drum you up some business. 

Chris from Minnesota - She really liked the roses and really surprised that I could find leather roses.  

Corey S from Hawaii -  Got the roses today and they are awesome! 

John from Pennsylvania - They arrived today and the roses look excellent.  She will love them.  Thank you and I will be sure to send you more of my business and definitely recommend you.

Luke from Montana - I came across your website after a quick Google search using Leather Flowers as the terms and your site was listed high.  The first two websites were looked too bit commercial so I ultimately chose your business because it was user friendly.  The cost, the pictures you used for examples and how quickly you responded to my e-mail.  My wife absolutely loves your art work.  She is an artist herself and had no idea that this was possible.  Thank you again, Dee and please let me know if there are any specific on-line reviews you would like me to go on your behalf. 

Chad from Arizona - Thank you Dee and they turned out pretty awesome and my wife really liked them.  I will send more business your way.

Frank from Utah - (Ordered three red roses)  Got them today and they look amazing. Thanks

Alex from Maine - (Ordered six red roses)  Thank you so much received the roses today and they are wonderful.  I know my wife is going to love them.  Thank you again for your hard work.

Bryan from Mississippi - (Dozen white roses) I got them and they look great.  Thank you so much for making our anniversary special. :)