About Dee

About Leather Roses by Dee

 Hello, I am Delynn D. Plott and I live in Northeast Oklahoma. ​

The most asked question and comments from my customers that see the leather flowers is,  "How did you get started making leather roses?" While serving in the Navy I first made cow hide leather roses for my fellow military friends and family for Valentine's Day.   Sweetheart gifts and Christmas bouquets.  ​​I even made them for my families cattle production sale.   To give away to buyers.  At the end of the sale each buyer that received the most leather roses received an embossed vase to put them in. 

They stood the test of time so well  that I started creating them again in 2013 to add to my income.  Plus I love creating one of kind flowers that not everyone is making.  I am also building my own business and putting a smile on lots of peoples faces that have ordered them here on-line.   

All genuine leather, hand cut and handcrafted and not commercialized. They are something you can't find just anywhere!  Plus they are timeless and last many years. Our prices are lower than most other designers because we don't advertise widely. 

Please share our pages with your friends so that we can keep our prices low.  Thank you!​​